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For the past 20 years, we have focused on one solution - creating business partner channels to increase market share and sales.

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PartnerBuilder Plus ℠

Regenerating Business Partnerships

Are you interested in outsourcing the development and management of your partner channel?

This service will help you increase partner sales through this innovative and cost effective service.

PartnerBuilder Plus ℠ includes everything you need to start and manage a partner program. You will receive a market overview, competitor channel analysis, partner marketing materials, as well as Mutual Non-Disclosure and Partner Agreement Templates.

Once your partner program is in place, we will actively recruit and manage business partners. Using our partner recruitment methodology, we will identify, qualify and engage new business partners. Existing partners will seamlessly become part of your new partner ecosystem.

To build a partner program requires a variety of resource skills, ranging from business development, marketing, research and more. No one person possesses all these skills. We put together a team consisting of all these resource skills, generally for the price of one full-time equivalent employee. Once the partner channel is up, running and generating revenue we will help you find full-time employees of your own to continue your channel work.

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