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A Letter From Our CEO

Daniel L. Ervin

Hello Colleagues,

I trust that all is well with you and your business as you read this letter, which has been composed in consideration of the vast business development changes that are taking place in our industry. I am speaking about the revolution of the Cloud and its effect on business partner channels.

Phoenix Fire was founded during the time that companies where tenaciously turning to partner channels to revitalize their go to market approaches and increase their sales opportunities. Since the 1990’s business partner channel initiatives have changed largely due to the introduction of cloud computing.

The nature and scope of partner channels have and will continue to change. We’ve gone from the years of fear amongst the downstream partners loosing ownership of their customers to the upstream cloud venders, to the rush of differentiation to offset the crowded market places that these respected partner vendors occupy.

This is where Phoenix Fire brings value. We are a pioneer in developing partner channels in the old fashioned way, and the leader in developing channels in the age of the cloud. We are poised for the development of the next generation of channel partnerships.

I want to applaud the various customers that have engaged us in building their channel initiatives. They have taken a bold step in uncertain waters. We have engaged with over 12,000 companies worldwide and certainly have the exposure and expertise that will ensure your success with partner channels. I want to thank you for visiting our website and giving us your consideration.

Best Regards,
Daniel L. Ervin